Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Part 2: setting the bar.

Small goals for this year that I hope to reach.

21. Making the most out of my Y membership and work out 3-5 times a week. I generally feel better emotionally and physically after I'm done. It's just getting there. Plus the child care is worth it's weight in, well, weights!
22. Eating cleaner.
23. Keep regular hair appointments. I don't have to look frumpy, it's a choice. I feel better when I look better, sad but that's the way it goes. I've told my hair stylist much to her dismay, I was the first one to start the ombré craze! "Google it, it's worth a Google"...(if your not sure what that is).
24. Find a good home manicure that works. Holla, Pinterest. Painted nails always feel like a treat but never last and the OCD in me doesn't like the chip polish. It's a curse.
25. Start and learn Yoga.
26. Stay in touch better with all my NEAR and LONG distance besties. Stop being a hermit.
27. Start a blog and keep up with it!
28. Spend more one on one time with my kids. Maybe date nights.
29. Let go of the small stuff and don't sweat it when I do!
30. Learn to find a happy balance-Easier said then done!
31. Try new recipes.
32. Learn to sew. (Break out the sewing machine that I got the Christmas before last). Simple projects.
33. Read more, anything. Enlighten my horizons.
34. Start a garden. This may be a huge challenge as I tend to over water plants or forget to water them all together!
35. Have a silver-lining attitude. Working on it!

My work is cut out for me but not impossible. I'm positive these are things I can work on and improve over time. Simply. It is kind of nice to have it written all down. I'm a list person...I have a touch of OCD. I guess I should have added working on that too. Oh well, baby steps with everything, right ?!

35 on my 35th with angel-baby.

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