Saturday, May 11, 2013

DIY, Simple picture frame tray

I've seen these trays all over the blogosphere lately. They are so clever and so simple that I wanted to give one, a-go myself. I LOVE old frames. There are so many possibilities that you can do with them. Collages, chalkboards, cork boards, pin boards or you can hang just the frames on the wall in groupings. I have used frames old and new in various ways throughout my house.

I found some mark down picture fames at target when I was shopping for accessories for my kitchen remodel. I knew I wanted to try to add a cute decorative display tray out of one of these bargain-buy frames. I found a old-timey looking 4x6 picture frame marked down for $9. The price seem right and I wanted to add a little bit of bling to my counters. This fit the bill perfectly. I knew at home I had a few other craft pieces that I could work with to make the kind of tray I wanted.

First, I took out the back and lined the inside cardboard with cheesecloth. I like the crisp look of the white with the antique color of the frame. I had leftover flowers purchased from Michaels that I cut down to size to fit the inside under the glass. I had to flatten the flower down so once it was in place, the back of the frame would close. I added some green burlap ribbon tied around the flower to anchor it to the frame and pull it all together. It worked out really nicely. I used strips of leftover felt hot-glued to the back to finish it off. The backing is rather ugly but no one is going to see that part and I didn't want anything scratching my new counter tops. Super easy and simple.

The last part was deciding what I wanted to display on my new tray. My sweet sister, knowing what I like, sent me some vintage measuring cups for my birthday that worked wonderfully in my new kitchen. They were the perfect size for this. I also added a piece of my pottery and a collection of wooden spoons. I love how the frame ties the group of accessories together, smartly. Such a easy project that took 10 minutes to do but adds a lot of style to my counter-simply.

Finished tray

Back lined in felt. Ugly but it works. Next tray, I'll use one big piece on the back but I just used what I had on hand.

Finished tray.


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