Sunday, May 12, 2013

Haircuts and HeartAches

As a mother of three boys plus one thankfully one very hairy-husband, haircuts add up. I'm talking like $45 plus tip every 3 weeks! I don't know about you, but when you are a family of 6 you are always trying to cut costs. . Every. $. Counts!

I have managed over the proverbial haircut years, to have picked up a few tricks up my sleeve when it comes to doing a simple "buzz" cut. I can thank my former high-school BF who is a high demand hair-stylist now and my stunning eye (ok, thats a stretch) for detail. It's really not that hard to fade a line between your #2 guard and your "scissor-cut top".  The hard part is keeping your boys ages 10 and 8 entertain between it all. Number 3, boy age 5, who has slightly wavy-curly hair cut and even though I've done it before, I don't want to curse him with the Bea Arthur "do" that it turns out to be when I have managed to cut it.

Music, suckers, words of praise and extra x-box time dont "cut" it. I  have to set a timer of 10 mins,  put on the top 20's music (think harlem shake repetitively playing over again AND over again) of the day and lavish praise. My dear sweet hubby, J, thinks my bed side manner can be somewhat tweaked, but endures it after I acknowledge what these "cuts" are saving us. I just wish I didn't have to fight my boys into the "chair" when I announce it's "haircut day".  Quotations aside, it is torture for us all! They squirm, itch and complain but it works for now and they do look pretty cute after their "dos".  If I DO (ha!) say so myself!


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  1. I tried to give the boys haircuts, but they did not sit still for a second and complained they were itchy from the hair. At least their hair grows slow!