Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Personal, In-house Coffee Bar.

Sometimes the only thing that gets me up and going in the morning is the thought of my first cup of fresh HOT coffee. We kicked our single-style cup maker to curb and just settled on a model that makes one big 12 cup carafe or the single cup option on the side. We were really starting to miss the better tasting (in our humbled opinion only, that is) stronger versions of the old dripped coffee. I found this coffee maker on sale at target for $60 AND it has the best from both worlds. My husband can make a single cup before he goes to work and I can come in later and make a cup and actually enjoy fresh coffee that hasn't been sitting around all morning. It's great for when company is in town and we need more quantity, especially for my coffee drinking momma. The best part about this solution is that I can go back and use my favorite local blend ground coffee made only at my supermarket. It's a delightful blend of coconut, roasted pralines, and hazelnuts. I grind it fresh in the store and at $9.99 a pound, we are saving loads in ditching the pricer single cups. With all the new flavored syrups made available, thanks to World Market and the explosion of flavored coffee creamers you have everything you need at home for a good cup of Joe.

There is no need to go out and spend $3+ on a cup of coffee anymore, unless of course, your are going there for atmosphere and a some peace and quite to think. My pot can't promise me that but with such good tasting coffee, it's almost enough to make me block out the screaming baby and whiny kids! My favorite thing about my in-house coffee bar is the cute accessories I was able to find to create all the necessities needed at home for the perfect cup. It's fun and functional. All that's missing is a little Buble', playing in the background and I have that too, if I had time to put it on! Time for another cup, have a great day!

Personal Coffee bar.

Hamilton Beach 12cup Coffee Maker with the single cup side option. Also has a bold option if you like you coffee a little stronger.

World Market Creamer and Sugar set and Pier One chalk label glass jar.

World Market Vintage style drying rack. Perfect for all my mugs.
(especially my mug from Paris- shout out Jennifer!)

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  1. I used my Paris mug today, too! I really need to get some of those wooden stir sticks. Love your coffee bar!