Monday, May 27, 2013

Pre-K Graduate!

Summer is quickly approaching, like it or not (for me anyways), and I'll have a full house for the next 3 months or so. Once we decide on a schedule and pick some things to do and places to go, it wont be too bad. No early mornings or busy homework projects. Hopefully there will be lots of pool time, sun, sand, friends and fun!

My big 5 year old, boy #3, graduated Pre-K yesterday. He has one day next week that is purely all fun. His school is doing a splash day with water slides, bubbles, and water guns. They are grilling hotdogs and having snow cones. He is counting down the days until next Tuesday where he can go to school in his bathing suit! I'm supposed to be in attendance so the parents can help move the kids along to the different stations with ease. I just hope it's not going to be too hot for Angel Baby. It's been hot, humid and muggy and in the 90's all week. Welcome to Texas summer y'all!

I'm going to miss my "big boy" next year. He helps me out so much with his sister when he is home. She absolutely adores him, they are so close already. I think they are going to be best friends. He LOVES helping my bake and doing the laundry. He's become so independent in the last year and wants to do everything for himself. Including making his own sandwiches, getting his own snacks, making popcorn by himself, and getting out the step stool to help him achieve access to a higher level to the makers, scissors and glue. He loves to draw, play with playdough, and play minecraft. He wants to learn to read and is into adding numbers and has awesome vocabulary. HE TALKS I'm typing this now. He still sweet, and cuddly and loves his shows, Team Umi Zoomy and Curious George. I'll miss our lunch outings and play dates. I know that he is ready for kindergraten, but I'm not. I wish he would stay this little for another year. I want to bottle this time we have together. I am looking forward to all the new memories that we will create this summer and all the fun that will be had!

The Graduates walking in.

Angel Baby waiting to see her big brother!

Getting his diploma with his teachers.

Celebrating with 1 iced cookie, 1 piece of cake and ice cream followed at Chick-fil-a!

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  1. He's too cute! I'm going to miss my little guy during the day, too. I love our lunch dates and park days the days I'm not working. Just a couple of more weeks left of that!