Saturday, May 4, 2013

Weekend Favorites

The weekends seem to make everything better. Gives me a change to recharge and ease off the schedule and busy routine that we have during the week. Sure we still have not so fun things on the agenda like yard work, car washing or the occasional garage clean-out but the fun usually outweighs the bad, and a little bit of takeout for dinner never hurt anyone!

We look forward to donuts for breakfast. Lazy mornings listening to Pandora and reading, journaling or browsing the Ipad. Conversations with J, he's so funny and it's good to have a grown up to talk to and we laugh, a lot! Angel-baby being entertained with someone other than me for 24/7. I love her with my heart and soul but its nice to catch a break! The possibility of a nap, even though it doesn't happen so often. I may even get a chance to sneak out of the house for a pedicure or shopping and lunch with a friend when the rare occasion presents itself. Walks in the beautiful spring weather down to the neighborhood Easy-Lane for slushies. Having a afternoon beer in the cul-de-sac catching up with the neighbors. Ending the day with a movie and drinks after the kids go to bed, just the two of us. Looking forward to HBO Sunday night line up. It's the simple things that make this girl happy!

No schedules, timelines or deadlines. Just enough time to enjoy each other before the madness starts all over again come Monday morning.

Enjoying a little weekend wagon-walkin'!

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