Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Working on a little something.

I've been busy over the last week or so working on a small project for my dinning room. I came across a really great deal on vintage dinning set with hutch included, via my local neighborhood classifieds. I just finished a major kitchen remodel job and swore that was it for the year. I still need to write that one up, I just don't even know where to begin! I can't help it that his awesome score just fell into my lap. I'm chalking it up as fate and it was just meant to be! I have been brainstorming on a plan to work in everything that I want to do in the dinning room. I want to repurpose this room as a dining/family room that we will actually use. No one ever goes in there and I would like to start using it more adequately- simply!

This is going to totally be a shoestring-budget job. I sold my old table and chairs that were really too big for the space and used that money to acquire this set. My loving hubby J, and boy #1 rented a truck to pick up the goods since my mid-size SUV wasn't big enough. One thing for sure that I will enjoy being a mother of 3 boys is the added muscle I'll have around here when they get older!  The new set was a old Duncan Phfye from the 1920's, and in relatively good shape, minus some bumps and scratches. The bones were solid. I plan on painting, YES, painting it, some fun colors in chalk paint and having a banquette built to sit our large extended family. Shout out to J, (if he's reading this) for his mad building skills. I bought a classic pattern fabric in gray and white to recover the seats for a modern spin to the old style. I may just use some paint I already have in the house to cut cost that would work for the wall color. I found a AWESOME rug on sale at Overstock that had just about every color that I wanted to use for accents colors in it. I think I am going to jazz up my already existing light fixture and maybe repurpose my old drapes. I have a slim Ikea hutch that I used for my china now but I plan on giving that a face lift and moving it to a different wall as a game and sewing cabinet. The last part that I think will take some time is deciding on what I wanted to add to the "gallery" wall that I want to start on my one free wall. I'm thinking some black and white pictures of the kids, maybe some vintage signs, or house rules type of thing. I also want to work in a existing mirror after J builds a new larger chunkier frame. I know what your thinking, doesn't really seem like dining room decor. I want to repurpose this room as a dining/family room that we will actually use.

 I'm excited about the whole process and making this more my own vintage-style. More to follow later, I leave you with a few pics of what I have to work with. I know, visions of grannies are going to be knitting in your head after these, but I hope to create a modern spin on it. 

Ikea game/sewing cabinet

New hutch, table and chairs.

Paint for the chairs
Stay tuned! 

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