Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kitchen Overhaul: Decisions, Decisions. Deciding a theme.

We moved into this house going on 7 years this September. It had the right amount a space and a floor plan we could work with but lacked in any upgrades or style inside the house what-so-ever! The price was in our budget and I figured we could make this base-model track home our own over time. That is what we've done, too. Slowly tackled one project and one room at time over the years. I kept putting off the the kitchen because I knew that it was going to be a lot of work and our budget wouldn't allow for much change. So, I painted, decorated and added things over the years and made do. We did do a few small tweaks here and there when time and and money allowed. We added a space saving microwave when we moved in. Next we put on cabinet hardware, changed the light fixtures and hung up extra wall storage. We tiled tumbled travertine subway tiles for a new backsplash and bar surround to replace the minty gray ceramic tile and the beat up wall under the bar from the kids. We bought a nicer gas range and installed hardwood flooring. The kitchen was fine functionally, just not what I really wanted aesthetically speaking. I knew we could do better. This year we decided to take the leap and come up with a plan to transform this average looking space and add some much needed character.

The first thing to do was to narrow down a design style that we wanted to go with. My husband really has no opinion when it comes to decor, he generally goes along with anything I pick. We get along great that way!  I really like the charm of rustic old farmhouses. I think there is something comforting about the deep sinks, long farm tables, and wide planked floors. I pooled some ideas together and came up with a design that is my spin on a modern version of a new farmhouse kitchen. There was A LOT of work to be done to change our kitchen from its current state. We quickly came up with a list of wants, must haves and what we could actually do on our own. We narrowed it all down to what would give us the biggest bang for our buck and what would actually fit in our budget of $5000. We choose to work in our old appliances since they still were in good working order. This way we could allocated the money to other areas where we really needed it. Our budget wasn't big enough to redo everything. We reused what we had, gave a facelift to what we could and did most of the work ourselves to stretch every dollar as far as we possibly could.  
Here's the game plan for transforming our plain-Jane suburban kitchen into our newly adapted design.

Paint Kitchen cabinets.
Add molding and trim to the upper cabinets for added height.
New cabinet hardware on the drawers.
Replace the (already coming off in some places) rubber toe-kick under the cabinets with molding. Paint molding to match cabinets.
Add new shoe molding where rubber toe-kick was around the bottom cabinets.
Repair water damage on walls and ceiling due from leaky shower head in the upstairs bathroom.
Add shelf over the fridge to fill in wasted space.
Paint kitchen and breakfast area.
Frame out and add moldings to windows and weird column in the kitchen. Paint and caulk when done.
New Window treatments for 3 windows.
New Sink, plumbing and faucet.
New light fixture over the sink.
New recessed lighting in kitchen. Good bye 3 tiny globe lights!
Patch up ceiling and paint after light installation.
Make a chalkboard wall for notes and displaying the kids art work.
New granite countertops. Our biggest splurge! 
paint corbel supports on the bar for the new granite to match the cabinets.
Repaint old beat-up barstools.
Find new seating for Breakfast area.
Rework old (and a couple of new) accessories for a finish look in kitchen and breakfast area.

Oh yeah, all done in under 6 weeks!

*I wish I had better before pictures. I apologize for the quality of these. I was able to dig these up so you can see what we were working with. Once I start on something, I just jump right in and start. I forget to take pictures at the time until afterwards when it too late.*

Old oak basic builder-grade cabinets, lacking trim. This is the tumbled travertine backsplash we added 5 year ago when we replaced the old gas stove with this gas range. All of this will stay the same along with the cabinet hardware on the doors. I added those knobs a few years ago and will still fit in with the new overall design. I tired to use reuse a lot of what I already had. I bought new drawer pulls to match the doors. The new paint for the walls will be light, bright and airy. Good bye, frosted pine green.

Heavy valances and shades will be replaced with simple window treatments that allows for more light. Inexpensively done, of course. I previously replaced our broken wooden blinds with these shades a few years ago for a temporary solution for covering the windows.

More oak cabinets with the black rubber toe-kick and minty gray formica countertops. We had to replace that faucet when we moved in since the old one was leaky. This one broke as well. We have really hard water. Our plans are to add a new sink, plumbing and faucet. 

Old lights, plus the pendants we added to create more light. This kitchen is so dark and has a cave like feel, even at high noon! The plan is to add recess lighting throughout for a bright unified clean look. When we moved in, we changed out 3 small white globe lights and one big fluorescent with these fixtures. We will hang a new glass pendant over the sink. We also plan to frame out and add molding to the finish off the window and fill in some of the space between the cabinets. 

 Other side of the kitchen with awkward column that will get some new molding and trim. The cabinet doors were in the process of being removed for painting here. We had tavern-grade hardwood floors installed in the house 4 years ago to replace the old linoleum. 

We tiled the bar surround couple of years ago to cover the dinged up wall. Thanks, kids.  We will add corbels for support under the new counter tops and paint them to match the new cabinet color. The barstools will get a get a mini facelift too. 

As you can see this room has been a work in progress since we moved in. We are finally taking the plunge to finish up this kitchen once and for all! My goal is to create a room with a timeless look that is stylish and comfortable without being to busy. A room that will bring satisfaction in our hard work and enjoyment in the design for years to come. Fingers crossed! 

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