Thursday, June 13, 2013

Project Dinning Room, almost finished!

I'm just about done with my dinning room makeover. Lots to talk about! There are only few odds and ends left. I'm still deciding on the gallery wall. I think I want to mix family portraits in rustic frames with some ecliptic fun hanging pieces along with some vintage looking artwork. I'll know it when I come across it. I've been busy with Boy #1's birthday and his pending trip to visit my sister in DC along with planning Angel-baby's first birthday. Oh yeah, school's out for summer so there's that, with 4 kids one dog and a new puppy. Once we get our routine down for summer, I can return to my crafting!

To recap, this room inspiration came from a antique dinning set that I found and bought for a steal. I repainted and recovered the chairs and hutch in chalk paint and refinished the table. I got the inspiration for the colors from Boy #1's artwork done in his 5th grade art class. I choose Antibes Green and Old World White chalk paint to use on the furniture. I was determined to do this all on a budget so the splurge was the chalk paint. I repainted the room with some paint that I already had on hand and made my own custom color. J built a display ledge to cap off my beadboard wallpaper for a new accent wall. I gave a facelift to my existing chandelier, made new window treatments and repurposed a old Ikea hutch I already had for a new game/sewing cabinet. I bought a new rug and threw in a few accessories that I already had. For the table, I dressed it up with a simple runner made from leftover material and jazzed up a plastic serving tray that I had laying around the house. I added a collection of my grandmothers teacup and saucers a few candles, dried flowers and some pottery for the tray to tie my vintage theme together. I like the period pieces of the furniture mixed with my grandmothers dishes. It makes for a nice finishing touch.

Art work for color inspiration.

Old paint, which I still love, just needed to lighten things up a bit. Ikea cabinet and the table and chairs when I first brought them home.

 New paint, my custom creation. I had 1 gallon of French Quarter and 1/4 gallon of Valspar's Eddie Bauer Woodsmoke, a light bluish gray. I mixed the two together and got this cool gray shade. We call it Blues in the Quarter. I love the cool gray and the crisp white crown molding that J added 6 years ago. It's much lighter and brighter now! 

We added this accent wall with ledge that J built and I previously blogged about. This is the wall where the gallery art will go, sometime. 

I took the shades off my Chandelier for more added light and dry brushed it with Old World White, chalk paint. I hung a old vintage blue glass necklace from my grandmother with some floral wire to give the fixture some extra bling. I also had J rehang the chandelier (He loved doing that too, by the way), under a medallion that I took down from my pervious kitchen remodel. I dry brushed the original bronze medallion in more chalk paint in very light coats in white and green. It probably took 20 minutes to paint and created this whole new look. Reminds me of something that you might find in garden. 

Updated chandelier.

I decided to take the heavy wood blinds down for a cleaner and brighter look. I think I'm going hang some Bay Leaf Wreaths with ribbon on the windows. I know Williams-Sonmoma had some nice ones but I may just hit Amazon. I'm hoping the added wreaths will add a little bit of privacy but would still allow plenty of light in. I found the material for the drapes at Wal-mart, believe it or not. I bought 5 yards at just under $7 a yard. I had the salesperson, cut the material into 2, 2.5 yard sections, so all I had to do was hem the sides all the way around. I made a 3 inch pocket at the top. The rod came from Wal-mart as well. It's a little shorter then what I wanted but it will work for now and at $18, I couldn't beat the price. Eventually I would like to frame out the windows like we did in our kitchen and breakfast area to keep with the flow of the windows the same throughout the house. All in due time, it's always nice save a project for a rainy day.

Before window, with heavy blinds and dark window treatments. Not a great shot, I need to get better with taking pictures of everything. But hey, it's a learning process.

New brighter window and light window treatments.

I was originally going to sell this Ikea Cabinet that I bought 10 years ago as one of my first adult furniture purchases. No one was interested, some people lack vision! I didn't think I was going to have room for it with the new dinning set since the new table was much larger than my old one. After playing around with the furniture arrangement, and taking down the double glass doors that open into the room and ate up a lot of wasted space, I found a perfect spot. I decided to give it a facelift as well and repurpose it into a new game/sewing cabinet. This old hutch got 2 coats of Old World chalk paint followed by the same steps that I did with the other pieces of furniture. I replaced the old knobs with vintage inspired acrylic knobs bought at Hobby Lobby on sale for 50% off, maybe $7 for all. I recovered the backs of the doors with burlap and stapled it into place on the inside around the glass. I decorated the top of the newly painted cabinet with accessories I already had on hand to add some extra height and interest. I'm glad that nobody took me up on this cabinet when I tried to sell it! I think it came together rather nicely in the end.



The newly refinished Duncan Phyfe Hutch. I had that mirror in the old dinning room. I repainted and  hung it across from the window to help catch and move more light around the room. I paired it with my collection of crystal pieces given to me for my wedding and some passed down from my grandmother. I love the way the light plays off the glass.

I found this colorful 8x10 rug on sale at overstock for $170 with free shipping! I think it's a great way to add some extra color since everything besides the chairs were kind of mellow in here.

For the dressed table, I used my newly revamped severing tray to display part of my Grandmother's collection of antique teacups and saucers. I used a tiered plate as a way to keep the cups grouped together. The ceramic bird teapot came from World Market and I was waiting to use it in just the right spot. I mixed simple glass jars filled with candles and dried flowers to finish the look and to keep it from looking too formal. I love the combination of the old and new. All the necessities needed for a old fashion tea party are right at hand. 

I knew when I started this room remodel that I wanted to do something with a vintage vibe so that I could pull out all of my Grandmother's things and enjoy them. When I stumbled across the antique dinning set, it became the perfect gateway to come up with a design that could incorporate all of my favorites things in one place. I'm glad that I can finally break her things out of storage and not only show them off but enjoy them! It makes me happy to finally give them a real home in my house. I am so happy with how this room has turn out and the character it now has. I'm proud to be displaying some the things she used to decorate and entertain with. I hope in some small way, I'm paying homage to her and what a great lady she truly was.  

Finished for now. 


  1. Thanks Jennifer! I'll be glad when I can scratch this room off the list!