Saturday, June 8, 2013

Simple Accent Wall

While working on my dinning room makeover, I wanted to switch things up a bit with the pervious furniture arrnagement and make a more open feel in our tiny room. When I came up with a arrangement that I was satisfied with, I was left with a big, blank, boring wall. I knew I wanted to do some kind of gallery wall on the top but I wasnt sure with what I was going to do with the rest of the wall to tie it all together.

I hit my trusty blogs and piniterest pins for some inspiration. That's when I found the perfect answer in the house of Smiths blog with their post on a DIY Beadboard Wall Shelf. I made a even simpler version of this since I didn't want to spend too much on wood and supplies. I was trying to stay on a budget, remember? I went to the local big box hardware store and found paintable beadboard wallpaper. After taking measurements we figured that one roll would be enough for the one wall that we were doing. At $15 a roll, the price was right. (If the wallpaper worked, then I was going to go and buy a few more rolls to finish a ongoing foyer-front hall project that kind of fizzed out.) Anyhoo, when I return home, I sent J to the store to get the rest of the supplies needed for the ledge. That's how we roll, we go in shifts to the hardware store. Easier for everyone involved, including the employees and other paying customers and less complicated that way without dragging all 4 rugrats with us, besides that's what cell phones are for with unlimited texts and data plans if a question should arise. J bought 2 pieces of mdf boards measuring 3x12. We went with a smaller width for the shelf because we were afraid that people might bump their head when walking around the table. That could be a bad thing. I decided for the most part before hand, that the ledge was mostly going to be decorative and that I would hang whatever pictures I find on the actual wall.

We decided that the wallpaper would be 5ft in height. J, measured and cut the paper while I soaked it and applied it to the wall. It was a really simple process.  I filled up my large garden bathtub with enough water to cover the paper. Let it soak for 2 minutes, remove it from the water and fold it onto itself to let the glue activate for 5 minutes. When 5 minutes is up, stretch it out and line it up to the wall. Working in sections, lining it up and working the bubbles out as you go. If you haven't worked with wallpaper before it creates a lot of extra glue. I used a sponge and towel to sop up the glue and keep the paper clean. Trim the excess piece at the corners with a box cutter or exacto-knife. Keep a eye on the wallpaper as it dries during the first hour or two to make sure any extra bubbles that may pop up while drying can get pressed out before it dries all the way. The paper has to cure for 24 hrs before you can paint it. J, worked on the the ledge following the blog I mention, as a guide. When everything was set and dried, I finished painting it all with 2 good coats of Valspar Eddie Baurer, in cloth. I had this leftover from the previous kitchen remodel that I still need to blog about! It's kind of like a creamy off white. 

I forgot to take many pictures of this process. I need to remember the camera more. Here's all I have. Working in sections down the wall.

It came out pretty good for the price since it was wallpaper and not actual bead board. I think the total amount we spent on the supplies was $40 and we totally transformed the whole wall. Looks like I might invest some more in this wallpaper for the hall. I could totally do it all in one afternoon, and I LOVE that!

After. Finished ledge. 

Wall all completed! Just needs a few pictures and accessories, my favorite part! 

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