Monday, July 29, 2013

A baby: in review.

I thought I would do a quick write up on Angel-baby's first year. All her likes, dislikes and milestones from the previous 12 months. Something that I can come back and reminisce over as she is getting older and onto newer and bigger things. She is quite the little stinker with such a funny personality that changes daily. 

We really lucked out with this one, she has been sleeping through the night since she was 2 weeks old! She's never been much of a napper and usually just cat naps in the car between errands. If we are home and I can manage to get her down, she will nap for 1-2 hours. 

Stats and Milestones
At her 1 year well-visit check up, she weighed in at 20.9 pounds (48%) and was 30.5" long (89%) with a head size of 46.55cm (87%). All my kids get that large head from their daddy! As we say around here, it's just more room for all those big brains! On the teething front, she has her 2 bottom teeth and 1.5 of her top incisors through. The doc did say that it looked like her 2 top teeth should be coming in soon. She is starting to pull herself up and learned how to climb stairs. Her eyes are still bluish-gray so I figure they will be on their way to brown soon. J with brown eyes - 3, Me and blue eyes -2. She loves to jump in her Johnny Jumper and army crawls like nobody's business. She has become a pro at getting from her tummy to to sitting position in mere-seconds and flipping to her tummy as soon as you get her diaper off and reach for a new one! First words were Da-da and sometimes she says Ma-ma. She points her finger and tells Schaefer Flynn (our Boston Terrier), NO NO NO and can wave bye-bye.

She wears size 12-18 months and moved into the roomier size 4 diaper. If she would keep shoes on, she'd wear a size 4. She is so long but her waist is tiny so most things that fit for length are really baggy. Wish I had that problem! She loves to shop and is really into jewelry! Either that or she really likes being pushed around in the stroller and shiny things. It's a toss up.
What we're eating
We are still figuring out what she will eat because she threw all baby food and snacks out the window about a month ago and decided she had enough of it all. She really likes yogurt so I sneakily mix her baby cereal into that and LOVES cheerios. She is into feeding herself and has moved to little bit of apple juice and regular whole milk in either a sippy or straw cup. At bed and nap time she still takes a bottle. I want to make sure she is getting enough nutrition while we figure this whole food thing out. I did make her scrambled eggs today and she LOVED IT! This weekend she ate almost a whole piece of pepperoni pizza too! Who knew and for the record she took it out of my hand and just started chowing down!


Trader Joe's freeze dried bananas
apple straws
baths and splashing
pool time and splashing
bubble guppies   
Loves her book on the babies and the body parts
she loves to rock and cuddle at night
her favorite toy is still her play vanity
she loves to crawl through her tunnel
She makes the cutest face every time she sees my camera!
Loves her Brothers!
playing peek-a-boo

mash potatoes
hates getting her hair bows put in her hair.
changing her diaper.

Eating eggs!

Pool time!
Figuring out this laptop thingy, like daddy.

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