Monday, July 22, 2013

Back from a breather with Angel-baby's First Birthday Bash!

Took a bit of a breather from my blog the last couple of weeks with out of town company visiting and the planning and party of Angel-baby's first birthday. Lots was done, just no time to blog about it. I really need to work on that, it seems whenever a new project pops up, I get sucked in until it's finished. But the company has left, the party is over and now it's back to piles of laundry, grocery store running, cooking and entertaining all these kids in the never ending rain! I'll jump right in with Angel-baby's birthday shin-dig. Grab a drink and a snack, it's a doozy! 

For her birthday, we kept it simple. We didn't do a theme pre say, just used shades of pinks, greens and whites. Everything shabby-chic if I had to give it a name.  Easy food, BBQ, hotdogs and cupcakes for the menu. Decorations were shades of pinks and greens and mostly homemade. To entertain the kids we set up our inflatable water slide and prayed that they rain stayed away for they day. For gift bags, I set up a simple candy station with thank-you lollie pops, crunch and munch, rainbow gold fish and m&n's. I found small paper sacks Hobby Lobby, that were the perfect size for our candy bar. Everything made ahead of time to take the stress out of celebrating! Here are some of the highlights, is seems that with all the celebrating, I didn't get many photos taken but I'll share what I do have.

I made these invitations using my chalk board wall in the kitchen for a back drop. I saw a few ideas on PInterest, of course, where the kiddos were sitting sweetly in front of the lettering for their first birthday bash. I tried to recreate something similar with what I had on hand. I think I worked on this for hours! 4 hours to be exact to get the lettering right. What we do for our kids, huh?!!

The next part was dressing her up in the cute tutu and accessories and snap the pic. I thought this would be a piece of cake! My hats go off to all the professional photogs out there.  Here's what I ended up with after 2 different 90 min sessions with the camera, OVER 2 days, 100+ pictures taken, tears on both of our parts, and the loss of some hair on mine. All for the perfect pose. DANM Pinterest! I found the best shot I had and edited out what I needed to. After printing them out, I put the rest of the invites together with some scraping materials that I had in my craft bin. I planed to make envelopes and mail them out but I finished everything up right before we headed out of town for the beach. I just notified all our besties and gave out the invites at the party. I wasn't really excited how they turned out and felt like the were missing something. The blingy stickers were a bit much, but here's the finished product.

Invite, edited and scrapped. 

For decorations, I chose paper lanterns over balloons thinking that I will hang them in her room latter. I found a lot of cute options at Hobby Lobby, including a pink tule tutu for her highchair. I bought inexpensive paper pinwheels and a number 1 cupcake mobile to hang over the birthday girl's chair. I made a simple timeline banner with her pictures for each of her first 12 months. It was hung with some scrap ribbon between my 2 big windows. I used a old pink table cloth passed down from my grandmother that fit my theme and played off my new green chairs. I had some leftover burlap that made a simple runner and kept everything from looking too fancy. Paper plates, napkins, and forks in shades of pink and white along with inexpensive pink cardboard trays for the cupcakes were purchase from Hobby Lobby as well. I displayed Angel-baby's cake on my parents glass cake stand to set it apart from the cupcakes. I made a simple flag bunting and used sprinkles to decorate her smash cake. The cakes were the center piece for the table. I really didn't need to add anything else on the table after that.
Timeline banner. I'll put her pics in her baby book and the ribbon somewhere in her room.

Paper lanterns. 
Cake with bunting. Best picture that I have.
The food was kept super simple. We made BBQ beef brisket and hotdogs in the crock pot. I served  mini dinner rolls, deviled eggs (thanks mom), baby dills, chips and a simple fruit and cheese platter. Her cake was a homemade single layer 9" and ice cream cone cupcakes in vanilla and chocolate for our guest. Easy and cute. We had water bottles and juice boxes. We fixed sherbet punch and beer punch for the grown ups. I set up the punch station on our bar and we had a drink bucket outside for the wet ones.

Punch bar

Afternoon fun!

Not sure what to think of this whole cake thing.

She was super spoiled for sure. A big shout out and thanks to all who came. We are lucky to have so many wonderful friends who shared her special day with us. I can't believe my little girl is getting so big, so fast. Makes me a little sad to move on, but also excited to see what her bright future has in store for her! She is definitely one of the BIGGEST loves in my life.  Feeling awesomely blessed right now, simply. 


  1. What awesome decorations! Thanks for sharing the bday party story and pictures, was really fun to get to see it all. Fantastically creative invites too, well worth the effort :)

  2. Thanks, Jenni! Wish you were here to join us! :)

  3. She's so precious! I got a kick out of the way she lunged for her cake after tasting a bit of icing. The decorations were perfect!

  4. Thank you, Jennifer. I was sure she'd eat more but I guess the icing topped the cake! Thanks for coming!