Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Beach Livin', well sort of.

I was away with the family all of last week hoping for a little fun in the sun. We took our annual family beach trip down to the family home in sunny Panama City Beach, Florida. We went earlier this year to try and squeeze in a few extra free vacation days with J having the 4th off. I like to go later when the crowds have died down and the traffic isn't so bad, plus it gives the kids something to look forward to towards the end of the summer.

The weather didn't want to cooperate with us this time around, but that's beach living. I can say that in the 12+ years, that we've been making the 10.5+ hour trek down or across; there has only been one other time where we had nothing but rain. That was the summer of 03 and we were in a tropical storm that sat over us the entire week. This week was just bad luck. Poor Boy #3, he was so looking forward to building sandcastles, crab hunting and sea shell collecting. He's takes after his mom for sure, and is a real beach bum.

We did manage one day were the clouds broke and sun came out and we manage to get the kids out on the beach and take pictures. 

First day there and couldn't keep this boy off of the beach!

Schaefer Flynn got in on some beach action! He LOVED it too!

Love this one of my 2 babies napping.

My Beautiful boys!
Soak it up while you can, fellas!

Love this one too.

Boy #2.

Boy #1.

Angel-baby LOVED the beach!

Couldn't keep her out of the sand or waves!

Girl after my own heart!
We found that old milk carton and she had the best time!

We managed a couple of dates away, too!

Silly boys.

Love his girl!

My heart! 


Despite all the rain and coming home to a broken sprinkler system with a half dead lawn and shrubs, we still had some great times. J, and I, made it out to Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville for cheeseburgers. We also indulged in some gulf coast oysters and I had my soft shell crab sandwich that I crave year round! The two younger boys got to see Despicable Me 2 while Boy #1 went to see Lone Ranger with his grandparents. We caught up with some out of town cousins and made airbursh tees for the entire family! Sweet! 

There are still some things to look forward to this summer. Hopefully we might have a couple of weekend jots to Dallas and check out legoland, San Antonio and Sea World, maybe a trip to Memphis or a day trip to Galveston. I have a couple of friends who have pools being built as we speak and in near completion in days! Bring of the fruity drinks! I'm also in the last minute process of planning and doings of Angel-baby's first birthday this weekend! Finishing up my gallery wall in the dinning room and hoping to start on my foyer/front hall project soon! Plenty to keep me busy and to keep the beach blues away! Until next time, P.C.B.

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  1. Loved seeing your pics! The gulf coast of FL is the best!