Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New gallery wall for dressing up the dinning room.

When remodeling my dinning room, I knew that I wanted to add a gallery wall for the main focal point in the room. As I blogged earlier, we made a simple accent wall with Beadboard wallpaper and a 3 inch ledge for displaying odds and ends. The hard part was deciding what style and direction I wanted to go with for my hanging decor.  I didn't want it to become too fancy since that's not my thing, or too simple because it was our formal dinning room so I had to really find a balance medium. I have my vintage dinning set but modern rug in bright colors. Rustic chandelier and Beadbord wallpaper on my accent wall, so there are a lot of things going on in there.

The main thing that I wanted to use right from the beginning and where I pulled all my colors for the room was Boy #1's awesome watercolor that he painted in art class. It's such a fun picture, and I love that I can display one of his originals. I framed this myself, always trying to be budget conscious. I used a old print that already had a frame since it was the right size for his painting. I added shelf paper that was lying around the house to hold the painting onto the old print. I measured out enough shelf paper to cover the entire print and then cut a large frame out of the shelf paper to fit the new painting in the opening. After it was all centered I pressed the shelf paper into place, working out any bubbles to anchor the new painting down. When everything was in place, I painted the shelf paper with a coat of my left over chalk paint in Old World. Voila, a framed original for nothing!  I love this painting!

I centered his painting in the middle of the wall and used it as the anchor and worked around it. The next thing I did was hit my storage bin of old odds and ends. I found three frames of various sizes. I gave two frames a quick coat of Antibes Green, chalk paint and pulled out some scrap burlap to use as matting. I chose three of my grandmothers broaches, all costume jewelry pieces to hang in the frames. I hung them together in a little grouping along with a vintage style mirror, old railroad clock and a pair of metal love birds, all purchased at Hobby Lobby on sale for 50% off. I also found at the same store, the metal LOVE sign that I hung over the painting. It does express how I feel about the painting and my family in general!  I'm still on the lookout for something small to hang from the birds, I'm thinking a quote of some kind. The clock was just the right size for the ledge and I love how the red is a nice change from all the greens. I found a cute square canvas quote and cross while I was shopping at some local resale shops. I hope they will help inspire us while we use the room. I moved the standing picture frame from another room and place a painted tree on the ledge that Boy #2 painted when he was 2! I like how the mix of personal pieces and the store bought finds work together nicely here.

Old looking railroad style clock

Metal lovebirds hook 

Vintage inspired mirror with knob and broach 

I knew that I wanted to add some family photos to wall to make it a bit more personal.  I had some new pictures from our recent beach trip that would be a welcome addition. I went to the dollar store and bought 3-5x7's and 3-4x6's frames all in black to glue together to make them beefier in size. I've seen this a lot lately and figure what did I have to lose for $6. I took the backs off of the 4x6's and gorilla glued them to the 5x7's in the corners and let dry for several hours. I printed off 4x6 pics but used the 5x7 backs. When they were all dry, they really did look like decent frames and made a nice addition to the room. 

2-$1 dollar store frames.

Gorilla glue in the corners.

Finished frames.

I found some other goods on sale at Hobby Lobby for the other side of the wall. I picked up a sweet wooden bird frame for $8 and used our anniversary photo from this year. I also had a 40% off coupon and bought the collection of red metal flowers for $14. The flowers tie in well with the clock from the other side of the wall. I hung my cross with the inspiring quote and F is for Family plaque on a vintage looking old key hanger to finish the end of the gallery wall. I already had the pedestal frame and candle with holder. I just gave them each a coat of chalk paint in Old World. I love having the ledge! It adds character and it is nice to hang and stand things to mix it up and add a little more dimension to the wall.

Be inspired, maybe.

Vintage key hanger

I am so pleased with the outcome of the finished wall. I love how my hodgepodge of old and new plus a pinch of personal effects mix with each other perfectly! Once I narrowed down the direction that I wanted to go with, it all came together pretty easily. It really makes the room feel complete and I enjoy taking it all in every time I sit at the table. It makes for a happy space with plenty of personal character! 

Finished wall!