Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Glutton for Punishment, or so it seems.

We have neglected our backyard for sometime. It's not a bad backyard, so to speak. J, built a beautiful deck last spring. I just never got around to fixing it up because of having a new Angel-baby and the heat when it was finally finished. After recently spending sometime in a few of our friends personal backyard oasis, I was inspired to spruce up our own backyard up and make it a little more enjoyable. We would all kill for a pool and if I ever win a million dollars that is on the top of the list. A girl can dream, can't she? So in the time being we will work with what we have. I would love to have the budget for a yard crew to come in weekly and maintain the yard all nice and tidy, but being a single income family you cut costs where you can. This usually means me doing the grunt work. It's not J's fault. I just do a better job at pruning and weeding. It's just part of my OCD and he's fine with running the mower over the yard and calling it a day. Sadly, I don't so that explains my arduous week in the sweltering Texas heat.   

I started day one with scrubbing our canvas umbrella to rid it of all the green mildew and funk that had built up over the last 2 seasons. I moved on to our shady patio and tackled the green stuff there as well. We have had so much rain and not enough dry out time. Once the fish tank smell and look was gone, I sprayed down synthetic wicker furniture and cleaned out the gutters over the back door. Next on that list was to tackled the overgrown tree that was touching the top of our umbrella and hanging too close to the side of the house. I borrowed our neighbors pole saw and went to town. I was kind of excited about this because I never used one before and I am always on the lookout for anything that makes a job easier. With a little bit of elbow grease, I was able to clear out the lower limbs and let more light in. 

First corner tackled. In process of ridding the green stuff and pre-limb removal.

The next day I tackled the flower bed that I made last year after the deck was finished. I had to do some serious pruning on our Hibiscus bushes and weed everything. I ended the afternoon with weeding our rock beds that run along the side of the house to prevent erosion. I finished with spraying down the deck and cleaning off all the sticky parts.

Hairy Hibiscus.

The third day brought out the pole saw again. I had a major nest to tackle in the corner of our backyard. I hacked away at the limbs that were resting on our back fence. Some of my neighbors overgrown trees had tangled themselves into my mess overgrown shrubbery. Ha, I like that. I got rid of the low canopy of overgrowth along with out 4 or 5 dead bushes and manage to get into some poison ivy along the way. Fun. I finished trimming up what was left of our azalea bushes and called it a day.  

Let the sunshine shine. Next pole saw job.

Bonus. While surveying my next flower bed, I found out that the neighbors on the other side of us have a lemon tree. She said we can keep all that fall on our side. I cant wait for them to turn. I have a delicious skinny margarita recipe!

I have two beds left to clean out and weed. We plan to shop for some shrubs and trees to fill in around the fence line as requested by our HOA and to replace the dead shrubs I pulled out. I also need to get more mulch for the beds and fill in around our trampoline. I would like to put some flagstone down around the left side of the deck to make a pathway and sod around the patio. The patio still needs some regrading due the building of the deck. This should be easier compared to the grunt work that I've already done to clean things out. I think I am going to take the day off and take the kids to the pool. Once the yard work is finished, I can move on to the fun part of decorating the deck and patio. I hope to transform it into something that we are going to enjoy using. Who knows maybe have a mid-summer water slide party to celebrate all my hard work in loo of a pool party?! 

Moving on to here next.

Worn out little helper. Follows me everywhere.


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  1. To say the least, I am impressed. You amaze me!!!