Friday, July 26, 2013

Small tweaks for a new look. Angel-baby room, revisited.

I've been working on Angel-baby's room this week. I was never really satisfied with the way her nursery turned out. The color wasn't right, it was supposed to be a minty-blue but came out more of a light baby blue. Why would I want to do a girl nursery in blue after having 3 boys?! However, I didn't hate it enough to repaint. My mother inlaw made a fabulous ruffle curtain panel for her window but it never hung right. I made a paper mobile but the finished look wasn't how I thought it would be. I could not decide on the furniture placement and it always felt off, no flow. Simply, I just didn't like it. I had no creative juices left throughout that pregnancy. It was fine, other people liked it but I was never excited about it.

This week, while in one of my marathon rocking sessions with Angel-baby a new idea hit me on how to finally rework her room.  One year later, almost to the exact day she was born;  I finally figured out what I needed to change. I started with the furniture placement. I moved the dresser to the wall next to the window where her crib originally sat. I always thought that wall needed something more and the dresser fills the space better. I then moved the crib to the middle of her room under the letters that I made for her name. Those were a really simple DIY craft project consisting of Dollar store frames, felt and scrapbooking paper. I made a designated play area on the wall next to her door where the dresser was initially. We set up a play tent leftover from when Boy #3 was little and made a cozy little reading nook. No better time to get her interested in reading! I kept the area of the room with her glider, nightstand and tree bookshelf that J made the same.

Other small tweaks were rehanging the paper mobile I made on a wooden umbrella that I brought home from my sister inlaw's wedding. I always wanted to use the umbrella in her room, I just wasn't sure how. This turned out really cute and she loves looking at it. Now you can see everything and makes it more of a original piece. I tackled the curtains that were one large panel.  My mother inlaw made a beautiful ombre ruffled curtain for her window that was supposed to hang off to the side but never fell quite right and the ruffles got lost. I didn't think I had much room for 2 window panels since her window is in the corner of the room. I decided to cut the panel into 2 pieces to frame the window and see if I could make it work. Much to my surprise, it fit with a bit of finagling and you can see all the beautiful ruffles now and it makes the window look huge! I added her paper lanterns from her birthday party over the tent for the illusion of colorful leaves. I left the mirror that I made hanging on the wall next to the tent. It reminds me of the sun shining down on the trees.

I dug out the leftover removable stencils and put them over her crib and dresser. At the time I thought they were too small and wasn't sure how I wanted to used them. They work in here now. My sister made her adorable Princess and the pea quilted wall hanging. I decided to hang it at the end of her crib so she can see and enjoy it. I call it Princess Angel-baby and the pea, she likes that! I kept one of my favorite dresses of all time hanging (also given to me from that same sister, holla Courtney) over the dresser. To me, it embodies what the perfect baby girl dress is. Even though she has outgrown it, I couldn't bare to part with it or pack it away. I'm a bit sentimental that way!

I have one empty wall that I'm thinking of making a decorative garden gate with hooks for dress up clothes or tutus. I have a old pallet and few ideas that may be used for this project. I've been saving her cute onesies and think they will make for perfect flowers. I'm think embroidery frames with the fabric cut to size will make the cutest flowers to hang over the gate. I'am also debating about painting the dresser and night stand in a fun shade of purple with chalk paint and replace the acrylic knobs for milk glass. Something to think about anyways.

I never imagine that just by rearranging a few things and reworking some of the same accessories I already had, could create this whole new look. It finally feels finished and done. She seems to love it and so do I!

New placement of dresser. This is where the crib was originally. The newly reworked curtain into 2 panels and and mobile on umbrella.

Umbrella mobile.

New placement of the crib with added stencils.

Love this quilt, it is definitely fit for a Princess Angel-baby!

Cozy tent with hanging lanterns.

Tree bookshelf made by J, painted and distressed by me. Glider and nightstand all stayed in the same place, perfect for our marathon nighttime rocking sessions. 


  1. It looks adorable! Of course, I thought it always has. I love the idea of a garden gate!

  2. That play tent is adorable!! I would have loved to have a reading nook like that as a kid. Great job on the nursery makeover and I'm glad you found such a creative use for that umbrella :)