Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Chalk it up! A DIY how-to for creating a front door chalkboard.

I may or may not be slightly addicted to chalkboards at the moment. I have noticed a few others out there in the land of Pinterest that share my same fancy and have seen them popping up in the most unexpected places. My newest favs are the front door or porch chalkboards. There was even a pin where the whole front door was painted in chalkboard paint, cute for a playroom maybe. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can display on them. Think welcome signs, house numbers, birthday greetings, holiday wishes and birth announcements. Anyways, I knew I wanted one to add a little more curb appeal to my ever-lacking front porch and thought this would be a good way to do it.

One weekend while shopping with my sister, I found what I was looking for lying next to the side of a donation box in the parking lot of a target. I know what your thinking and I debated about taking something that was supposed to be donated too but: (a) It was a Saturday afternoon and no one was coming to collect this anytime soon. (b) This was a clothing donation box for clothes and shoes so I felt I was doing them a service by taking the board off whomever's hands that would have to get rid of it. (C) Technically it wasn't in the actual box but lying next to it. I pulled over and threw that bad boy in my car.

All it needed was a good cleaning. There was gooey sticker stuck to the front and some crayon on it. Overall it was in good shape and real slate. I scrubbed the sticker off best I could and went over it a few times with regular spray cleaner. I decided to use my own leftover chalkboard paint to spruce up the finish. 

After it dried, I grabbed my chalkboard paint and gave it 2-3 even coats letting it dry in between.

I picked up 1- 12ft piece of casing that was on clearance from the hardware store for $7.38. I had my helpful hubby J, build me a frame to make it a little more beefier around the sides. It was nailed into place and stapled on the back at the corners for added support.

Love this guy! (My foot. See, I was indeed present with a tasty beverage in hand keeping him company while he put this together for me.)
Next he drilled holes on both sides with a large drill bit so I could run some large utility twine through to hang it. I knotted the twine on the back. I had to rehang it later and tie the knots on the front so the board would lie flat against the wall. Oh well, live and let learn, huh?

Sorry it's a blurry pic. I was doing this in the garage and was quite humid! I think my camera actually fogged up a bit. 

I filled in the corner cuts on the frame with paintable wood filler and sanded it down when it was dry.

I gave the new frame two coats of chalk paint in Old World. I really didn't want to use my good chalk paint on this but I was completely out of regular white paint and I wanted to finish this project quickly so I used what I had on hand.

all finished!

Im so excited about the possibilities for this chalkboard! I know, I'm kind of a nerd that way. It was such a simple project and the total spent was the price of the casing, so it was under $8. I can't beat that! I think it's such a fun way to add a little bit of unique curb appeal.  I'm on my way to jazzing up my front porch and I want to do it economically through up-cycling or repurposing so this worked out perfectly. I still need to add a few plants, new rug and maybe a light fixture. I'm always on the search for a good deal so who knows when it will all get put together but it's off to a good start!

Just in time for football season! Go Tigers! 

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