Monday, August 26, 2013

Simple tricks for keeping you organized and ready for school!

The most anticipated day of the year has arrived, well for moms anyways! It's back to school day around these parts and boy were these boys ready! I use a few simple strategies for keeping our school days smooth sailing. I am sending my newly ordained 6th, 3rd and kindergartner off to school and with another added kid to the mix this year, our mornings are crazy hectic. 

Yesterday was spent reorganizing all the closets and drawers. This chore is a real joy for me...every last minute of the 3.5 hours it took...for me and for whatever lucky boy that had to try on every article of clothing to see what fits. Well, boys #2 and #3 had to try clothes on, boy #1 is almost certainly...without a doubt...outgrown everything he owns. Every. Time. J and I, then went to 2 stores to get lunch supplies for snacks, school lunches and after school treats for 3 times 5. I came up with a lunch menu for the year that I hope will satisfy all 3 picky eaters! I finished the day by cutting boy #'s 1 and 2 hair, made sure they were all showered and their teeth scrubbed (we've been seriously slacking in the teeth brushing area lately) and had them all in bed by 9:30.  8 and 8:30 for the first 2 and 9:30 for my 11 year old who wanted to know why he couldn't stay until 10! Long day, but it was all done with a HUGE smile on my face and song to my lips!

I snagged a great tip from my friend Jennifer over at classic style home, who lays out the whole week of clothes on Sunday via a hanging closet organizer. I followed suit, and now have everything ready to go for the week!  Such a clever idea and one less thing to have to worry about in getting these kiddos ready in the morning!

The 2 boys that share a room/ closet, organizers were kind of a snug fit but I made them work with a little bit of elbow grease. All set for the week. 

Snacks and water bottles are packed the night before so all we have to do is pop them into their backpacks in the morning. Having a lunch menu all planned out, makes it easy to put lunches together in the morning. We use reusable plastic bento boxes in their lunch bags and opted just to use water bottles this year. I want to keep everything running smoothly as possible in our hectic mornings. I'm all about simple connivence these days. I gave my menu to J, and he whipped up this cute little printout to hang on the side of the fridge.  

Nifty lunch menu

I have a handy little info-command station hung up in the kitchen for storing all of our important school papers and supplies. I use folders in various colors for each boy to keep everything together. Smaller baskets are for pencils, crayons, scissors, glue-all the basics supplies and crafts needed for homework related activities. The large shelf holds all my favorite cookbooks. 

Command Center Station

I find if I'm well organized and everything of importance has a place then it makes for a more stress-free environment. Once the boys walk in off the bus, lunch boxes and back packs are empty and special papers get filled out and any important dates get added to our calendar on the fridge. If not, I forget things or papers go missing. A few minutes worth of time save a few hours of headache later. I want to enjoy our time together in the evenings, not stress over details. These simple tricks seem to work for us now. I hope these 3 guys have a wonderful school year full of knowledge, friendships and great memories!

Off to school, fall 2013.

My Kindy boy, was so excited about getting to go all five days this year and no nap time! My 3rd grader was excited about being able to switch classes in the afternoon and have 2 teachers now. My 6th grader said I could take pictures of him outside but none in school and we could walk him as far as the front office! Hey, whatever works for you Home-slice, I'll take it! It has been a LONG summer!

Promptly after drop off, Angel-baby and I got together with one of my besties over breakfast. We followed that by a little shopping. Such a great day! 

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  1. Great first day! I love your baskets on the wall for the kids art supplies and school papers. I finally got the papers organized this year since I kept losing things or forgetting things last year (and the year before that). I don't think parents are prepared for the amount of paper and events that are related to school! I'm so glad the closet organization is working out. It's been a huge time saver for me!