Monday, August 19, 2013

Summer Wrap Up!

I really need to work on making some time to keep up with my blogging! Seems like our summer is coming to a close and school will be starting next week! (Did you just hear a loud squeal sneak out, sorry!) I am ready to get back on a schedule and have some normalcy and routine again. I LOVE my kids but I think we are all ready to get back to the grind. Hopefully, I will have a little more free time to indulge in my crafting and blogging. 

To recap our long, hot summer, I would call it more of a stay-cation then anything else. There was week long trip to rainy Panama City Beach for the 4th of July. Boy #1 went to Washington D.C. with his Poppy  to see the sights of our Nation's Capital and my sister. Boys #1 and #2 went to a 3 day apple camp held at our local apple store where they participated in a total of 1 out of the 3 days. They were not into the early morning wake-up. They are in for a rude awakening....insert evil laugh here!... The boys went to the movies and saw every kid movie that came out this summer! We water-sledded and made many trips to the pool! Angel-baby LOVES the water! I finished my Dinning room remodel and I'm in the final stages of my backyard overhaul. We celebrated Angel-baby's first birthday and had some late nights with our neighbors and even managed to have a few kid-free date nights for our sanity! We capped off the summer with a weeklong stay at my parents house in Austin, for a change of scenery. We hit the Children's Museum and ate at some of Austin's favorites places, The Shady Grove, Homeslice Pizza, and Annie's Ice Cream. We met up with some our cousins for swimming and grilling. The boys played mini-golf at The Peter Pan and went swimming in Barton Springs natural springs, where it stays a brisk 68 degrees year round.

This week will be spent organizing closets, separating all the school supplies out, coming up with a lunch menu that they ALL will eat and meetin' and greetin' with their new teachers. New school clothes have been bought, along with shoes and back packs. We are looking forward to great school year followed by all the fun festivities that fall brings! Until next time, Summer! 
Some of our Summer 2013 memories.

PCB 2013


Date night.

Angel-baby's first birthday!


Enjoying late evenings!

Eating NY Pizza in Austin.

Shady Grove.

Not digging the hat as much as she thought she would!

Children's Museum, Austin with Cousins. So. Much. Fun!

Watch out, ladies!

Love these two cuties!

Driveway Sparklers!

Ice cream.

6th grader who is almost as tall as his mom!

Hanging out in Angel-baby's rearranged room!

Snuggle Puppies.

Littlest yard helper.

Sleepy pool days.


  1. Summer was a success...and now it's time for those precious little boys to go back to school! Yes, yes, yes!

  2. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Busy summer!

  3. Yes, Jennifer totally and not a minute too soon!

    Thanks, Courtney! We did but it would have been more fun if J and P would have be able to join us too! Hopefully next summer. :)

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