Monday, September 9, 2013

Our Family Room's new updated look with mounted TV and open seating.

Hubby J, hung our flat screen TV up over our fireplace a couple of weekends ago and finally has all the wires, splitters, connections, remotes and components up and working along with a new sound bar and wireless subwoofer. I think that he is pretty satisfied with most of the wiring so we can go ahead and hide the wires now. I'm not even going to go into the logistics of this wiring operation. My input on this project was simply where to plug in the ugly subwoofer and how high to hang to the TV. If there is a option on our new all-in-one remote to make popcorn in the Hubble Space Station, I'm sure we may be able to do it. I'm just saying that's how this operation went down. I'm glad someone got all the brains in this family.

Here's what it looked like before.

Hanging the TV gave us more room to rearrange our over-crowded sitting situation. Plus we added back our focal point of the corner fireplace that we revamped a couple of years ago. That awkward corner wall was so hard to work my furniture around and keeping things symmetrical at the same time. I think I found a arrangement that works now. I was able to extend the family room by 3 extra feet when I moved my love seat to the other wall. Moving out our large, very dark and HEAVY, TV armoire lighten up things considerably in there. We rehung my crafty shutters that were hanging above the fireplace mantle over the new placement of the loveseat that is now directly across from the couch. My celings are 24 feet in this room and I needed something to fill in some of the dead space on the wall once the armoire was moved out. I bought this happiness wall decal from Hobby Lobby but I'm not really feeling it, not sure if I'll keep it. J built this super simple shelf and I used chalk paint to give it a aged look and to camouflage the cheap plastic trim he used. Total price for materials on the shelf was $18, not bad. I think it could pass for a Pottery Barn knock off for a fration of the price! That place is such a rip-off. The shelf anchors the wall nicely giving it all unified apperance even though everything is slightly off center. Shelf acessories where gathered from other parts of the room.

The round side table that I redid with chalk paint and a small storage ottomen from my bedroom went where the loveseat originally sat. I have a couple of pillows that I want to recover for the chairs and need to find something to display on the table. Not a prioity right now since Angel-baby is minutes from walking and I don't need anything else for her to get into at the moment.... Possible uncoming blog topic, steps to babyproof your home? discuss.... In my one and only tucked away corner I have a leaning bookself. It may get a coat of French Linen chalk paint to lighten it up a bit. I am also going to rework the odds and ends on this bookself. It's really a lot smaller than it looks and doesn't hold much. 

I finally feel like this room has it's own set style and flows better into the breakfast room and kitchen. It's not so cramped and we can all sit in here again. I'm also glad that we were able to finally  incorperate our fireplace and make it the big focal point of the room. It now feels cozier even though we've added more living space and created a more open arrangement. It just goes to show how important furniture arrangement is in making a room especially with all the open floor plans now a days. Go ahead and break outside of the box and move some things around. Just by switching the seating, I was able to create a new look. I wish every project was that easy!