Friday, October 4, 2013

Introducing Super-fly and his new glasses. *Caution extremely long and possibly boring!*

Last week I decided to do a small paly-date with a few of my friends who have littles at home. Angel-baby is never too young to start networking, right? Anyhoo, I haven't done anything like this in years since the boys have basically been in school or preschool for as long as I can remember! We had a good time, the kids played well and I made pumpkin dump cake and coffee for the moms. It was fun, well as fun as these things go. During the craziness I got a call from a unrecognizable number so I let it go to voice mail. I totally forgot about the call until later in the afternoon around 2:45 when I finally had time to sit down. It was the school nurse needing to talk to me about a "non-emergency issue" with Boy #3. Of course I started feeling guilty about not taking the call earlier. I do have the school number programed in my phone and it would have showed up, plus my phone was only working when I used it as a speaker-phone until J was able to fix the microphone. It was much too loud at the time of the call to hear anything anyways. The boys get out at 3 but I told my husband to give her a call to see what it was about, he got voicemail. More mommy guilt.

Turns out that Boy #3 didn't pass his vision screening at school. I wasn't sure how accurate this test was but looking at the paperwork that the nurse sent home with him, showed that it was a pretty in depth test and not just a read the letters kind of thing. I made a appointment at our optometrist's. Both J and I wear glasses. I knew that one of the kids would end up in glasses at some point. My vision is horrible, J wears them and is already developing a cataract and astigmatism runs on both sides of our families. After all the tests, compelte with dilation were finished, it turned out that he has an astigmatism in his right eye that seem to be a bit of a concern. The rest was typical. He has blurred vision that is common for kids his age with vision problems and a touch of farsightedness that I blame on his IPOD. The doctor told him to wear his glasses while doing school work and watching TV. She also wants to recheck him in 6 months. He was ok with the news and was exicted to pick out his glasses. We opted to go to the mall where you can get them done in the same day. I wanted to get it all out of the way in one go. We were in luck as they were having a great sale going too, 60% off of frames and lenses. Cant beat that!

We picked out some pretty awesome Harley Davidson farmes that were black with some skull inlay on the arms. While the sales clerk was running my insurance we spotted the sport-goggle style that are great for active kids and athelets. I asked if those would work for him since he's so little but they fit fine. He LOVED these and was SUPER EXCITED about the look. These seemed like the perfect solution for him. The frames kind of wrap around his face for better visibility and the inside is lined with a soft rubber to help stop with slipping and comfort. They are impact resistance up to a point and come with an adjustable elastic strap to help keep them in place. His only requirement was that we find some in blue. He was in luck, we found a navy pair trimmed in red and gray plus they had a couple skulls to boot. He was sized up, the order was placed and they were going to be ready in 3 hours. With our insurance and their sale, we ended up paying only $47! He was so excited and couldn't wait to come and pick them up. When we got home he ran into the house and set a timer on the stove for when we needed to go back and pick them up. 

I took him back to the mall after dinner and he was ecstatic to see that his glasses were all ready and waiting for him. He got to choose what "can" (case) he wanted to keep them in. He said how much better he could see and liked how the strap kept them on nice and tight so he could still play football with his brothers. When he was getting out of the car he said how much deeper every thing looked and tried to jump out but wiped out! I told him to get use to them before he decided to do any fancy tricks. He said he couldn't wait until he got to school to show his teacher and friends. When we got home he had to run over and show our neigbors. Boy #1 told him how cool he was while Boy #2 told him he looked wierd...the little 3rd grade jerk-wad. I told him he was so cool he could pass for a super hero and that I was going to start calling him Super-fly. He said that was a dumb name and would just go by his own name. That night while laying down with J, he said how he was going to be the only one in his class with glasses. I think it was starting to weigh on him that now he has something different about himself that sets him apart. I think it makes him more unique but I know kids don't feel that way when they just want to blend in like everyone else. I know, I started wearing glasses in 2nd grade. We told him that's what makes him special.

Day number one went off well. He was exicted to go to school and ride the bus with his friends and show off his new specs. While wating for him to get off the bus that afternoon I told the other moms about his reservations and excitement. They all complimented him when he got off the bus and told their own kiddos to check out his new awesome glasses. They all agreed how cool they were. Everyone said he really DID look like a super hero! He said his teacher plus a few other teachers said he looked awesome along with the  school nurse. His classmates thought they were cool. I think a few of his friends were even a bit jealous. I told him he could take them off if he needed a break when we got inside. He took them off carefully and cleaned them with the colth they came with just like I showed him how to do. He was fine.

This morning he was up early wearing his new specs and was excited to go to school until half way through his cereal. He said his tummy was hurting and he didn't feel so good. He got to the bus stop and said he wasn't going to school or getting on the bus! J decided to bring him back and drive him to school. He took off his glasses and said that he wasn't going again! I told him that he can take off his glasses when he gets home and J promised him a new app for his ipod when school was out. I told J just to drive him in and talk to his teacher. Lucky for us today was walk to school day. They parked at the park across from the school and got swept up in all the excitement of the activity. J said he let them visit the school spirit store that had set up a table for the festivities and he picked out a $1 pencil and was good. I guess we will see how the day goes. Today is Friday so he can get use to the idea of wearing them a little bit at a time over the weekend. I think he liked the attention at first but too much of a good thing, is well, too much. I think he wants to go on blending in. I told him in a few days the newness will rub off and he will still be the same old Boy #3. I think tonight we are going to celebrate his new look by taking him to Chuck-E-Cheese his most favorite place on the planet! Hopefully that will cheer him a little bit until he gets used to his new look. It's so hard, I had the same exact feellings he had. I hope he just warms up to them soon and it isn't a contstant struggle. 

He has such a fun, lively, funny, sweet and caring spirit. He also has tons of personality, charm and a smile that can make your heart melt. He's lucky because it has saved him a million times when he has gotten into trouble! If anyone can make glasses work, it's him. It just gives us something else to love about this little guy!

Before, waiting to get his new glasses.

After, new improved Super-fly version!


  1. I like how you guys introduced him to his glasses - I really hope that he wants to go to school on Monday! And for the record he does look like a superhero :)

  2. I made a cute layout of him today, complete with him as a super hero sketch, be sure and show him my blog. Wearing those frames will take some getting used to. I now want mine on all the time, even though I had the cataract surgery and see fine. LOL And, for the record, that farsightedness comes from his Nana