Thursday, October 24, 2013

Life with kids!

When I started my blog I intended to use it as a way to keep up with the kids. Down the road when they all are "big-kids" and off doing their own thing, it will be nice to have a their younger days chronicled. This is one of those said post. The last couple of weeks have had us down and out. A stomach bug, croup, and even a case of head lice that seems to be jumping around on the school bus, AGAIN! The sickies has left us worn out and my washing machine is calling for back-up relief! Boy #1 has had 2 major projects due within couple of days of each other and the procrastinator in him holds off until the last minute to finish it. He's in 6th grade and I am trying to let him handle this all on his own istead of constantly hovering over him but it has me sitting on my hands and gritting my teeth. Give him wings, right? There have been quite a few long nights but hopefully things have settled down with the start of the new grading period and with everyone feeling better.

I took Boy #3 to the doctors for a bad case of croup and while we were there Angel-baby had her 15 month well check-up. The time was not the best since they scheduled it around 2 and that's her nap time. She was already on the cranky side. The tiny rooms don't help and there's not much to entertain a baby with other then a couple of books that she throws right to the floor.  Our nurse measured and weighed her and left us to wait for the doctor.  Boy #3 was waiting on the exam table and Angel-baby was walking around the room while I put her things up. I hear a knock on the door and I look up at the same time the door opens and knocks her to the floor. She screamed and cried for 20 minutes but who could blame her! She shrieked through her brother's exam as well as her own. Our doctor never once apologized! When he was done he said "Everything looks good except for her temperament."....FOR REAL?!... All I could say was, well it is her nap time. He leaves and says the nurse will be in to give the shots. Angel-baby finally settles down so I put her down to get her things to dress her and the nurse walks in and does the same exact thing! Then she said "After she finally settled down, I heard her screaming down the hall, sorry." I said shes 2 for 2 with that door. How hard is it to knock and then give you a second to make sure your child is out of way of the door? Angel-baby is a very good baby, we get compliments every were we go. When we left she had a huge goose-egg on the side of her head! I've been going to this place since I had Boy#1 but I think I will start looking around for a new place soon. Re-damn-diculous! 


Weight 22 lbs 7oz (70%)
Height 32.5 " (97%)
Head 47.5 cm (93%)

CLOTHES- she's tall and skinny
anywhere 9-18 mos for pants 
shirts 12-18 mos
shoes 4.5W
diaper 4/5

mac and cheese
yogurt melts
gram crackers

whole milk
apple juice

see-ya later
hi Gage

wake up 8:30-9:30
nap 1-2 to 3 or 4
bedtime 7:30-8:30

walking (started at 14 months)
climbing stairs
jumping (in her crib)

leap frog table
stuffed tiger
most of Schaefer's toys

Bubble Guppies

Love this girl!


  1. Great post! So sorry to hear about that dr visit though...even my doctor waits til I say something before opening the door and there's no risk of me standing right in front of it! Major fail.

  2. You definitely need to shop around. Jason's first doctor was also rude. I left him in a hurry. Leaving the doctor with a goose egg on her head that was strictly the fault of the staff, inexusable