Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Transforming my old TV armoire into portable Mud-room!

I love the idea of a Mud-room, somewhere the kids can take off all their dirty shoes and keep all their jackets and bookbags in one place. A little room out of the way from the rest of the house literally and visually speaking. A place for all the necessities while keeping it all organized for easy retrieval in hectic mornings.  I SO wish I had a larger laundry room with a sink for this or a area off the garage to add that kind of storage all tucked out of the way, but I don't. My somewhat awkward floorplan with small laundry room doesn't allow much room and the door to the garage is only a few feet away from our front door.  I set up a make-do solution in the foyer with with a storage bench and mirror with hooks. The problem was the cumbersome bench made it too hard for the kids to retrieve and put their backpacks away and our small mirror with hooks didn't leave too much room for everything that needed hanging. Once the cooler weather came around everything would get piled up like a
big-messy-closet right at the front door. Not really the impression you want to spotlight as soon as you walk in the house. What to do? 

While recently rearranging our Family Room I moved out our old TV armoire that had tons of storage. Funny how over the years the TV's have gotten smaller and slimmer and these big housing units now sit practically half empty. When deciding where I was going to put this thing for the time being the idea hit me that this could be the perfect soultion for my sought after Mud-room! I saw all the potential storage that this beast had to offer and wanted to monopolize on that to my best advantage. My Mud-room would be a somewhat portable station that could be moved easily enough while keeping all of our unruly must-haves tucked away out of sight. I was kind of digging the idea.

The transformation was really simple. There were only a few adjustments that needed to be done to get the piece ready. I had the old backing that came with the armoire stored in the garage and slid that back into place. J took the old hooks off of our old mirror and attatched them to a piece of scrap wood and drilled that into place on the inside of the cabinet. I took out one shelf that held the TV components to make a little more room for storage. I painted the inside of the cabinet doors with chalk board paint for friendly reminders to forgetful kids. I chose Annie Sloan's chalk paint in French Linen and my faithful Briwax in light brown for the finish. The inside was painted with Antibes Green followed with a light coat of French Linen. It took a while since the piece was so big but I CAN NOT say enough good things about this paint. This simple makeover took a couple of days. 

I organized the inside with a few baskets I already had. I added one tall basket that we kept by the front door for shoes and couple of long flat plastic floral boxes (came with some flowers I planted) for small things, like dog leashes, sun glasses and hats. The drawers are great for gloves, winter hats, more dog supplies, bug spray and sunblock. I really like that I can shut the doors and close it off and it's all out of sight. It really works well as my go-to command center when getting the kids ready and out the door, well anytime! How many times we as moms say: "Where are your shoes?!"  I'm so gald I save this piece and up-cycled it into something even more purposeful! 

Before. The only picture now is from when we were still using it in the Family Room.

After the hooks were put in place and before a serious cleaning!

He she is in French Linen and Antibes Green on the inside.
Hooks, Chalkbaord, and baskets make this piece functional!

Excuse the dog head in this shot. 

Love the new look and there's no telling how messy it is inside! 


  1. It looks great! I'm sure it's nice to get all of the kid stuff off the floor, too.

  2. What a fantastic idea!! You are a repurposing genius :)