Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013, a recap.

I can not believe that Halloween has come and gone and we have now moved onto planning for Thanksgiving. Seems like it was just yesterday that I was trying to figure out ways to entertain my gaggle of guys for summer and now Christmas will be here in less than 9 weeks. I know, I can't fathom that at this point either. 

Here's a recap of our night's events. IT. GOES. LIKE. THIS. EVERY. YEAR. FOR. REAL. The kids were all super-excited getting home off the bus from school and the weather finally cleared up so they were relieved to see that trick-or-treating was still going on as planned that night. We've had nothing but rain for over a week and forecasters were callling for a rather ominous Halloween night. Glad that wasn't the case because we had no back up plan; our plan B, umbrellas? Anyhoo, afterschool snacks consisted of candy from school and more candy from the bus driver. Homework was much frowned upon being that it was Halloween. Our pumpkins still were not carved and I debated about "forgetting" to do them this year but guilt got the better of me because they really do enjoy it. I asked J, if he would be coming home early from work to do the carving and his solution was to grab a Mrs. Potato-head package that they had on the tables at his Halloween work party. I asked Boy # 3 what he wanted to do? A Mrs. Potato-head pumpkin or a carved pumpkin? Of course he wanted to carve a scary face. I told him we could do a scary ghost with circles for the eyes and mouth and he said "yeah, except make them triangles and scary!" I told him I wasn't so good in this department but I would do what I could in 20 minutes. He just wanted to play in the pumpkin's guts and seeds. I managed to start carving the pumpkin and told J to grab pizza and bug spray on the way home. With all the rain we had it felt like The Mosquito Coast out there. After one pumpkin was carved and another pumpkin was Mrs. Potato-ified, dinner was served. Cut to kids running around outside in their Halloween costumes.

I go to change clothes so I can match the other half of Angel-baby's get-up. Boy #1 ask if we could take his friend along with us to trick-or-treat. I said that was fine if his parents could drop him off and we would bring him home. We were planning to head out around 6:30 and this was brought up at 5:30. Short notice but they argeed to bring him over. I'm dressed, J is changing and I work on getting the baby ready. She wasn't having any of it! She did not want to get changed, have her hair messed with or put shoes on. Cue the doorbell ringing as others who have their sh!t together are already out collecting candy. My kids, on the other hand are now running outside minus all costumes except for Schaefer Flynn who takes this opportunity to take off out the opened door. No one knows where the candy is even though it's sitting on the table in the dinning room next to the front door. I have a screaming baby minus pants and one shoe in one hand and a Boston Terrier in a devil costume in the other. I tell Boy #1 to grab the candy and pass it out while they let a handful of trick-or-treaters into the house who all follow me into the kitchen?! After that round leaves, I tell the boys to put their costumes back on and man the door. We put the pumpkins outside and Boy #1's friend arrives. More kids come while my kids are scrambling to get dressed even though all afternoon they had their gear on and were ready to go. Go figure. Mr. Flynn runs out the door a second time to which I tell them, "if it's meant to be he will find his way home."

We manage to get some pictures taken, the baby in the stoller and someone brings back the dog. Some adult beverages were made due to the stressful nature of events. The boys make it out and around our small cul-de-sac and decide that the MineCraft costumes were not going to be as functional as they thought. The heads were bulky and they couldn't see so well out of the eyes. Boy #3 who requested the whole body made, couldn't use his hands to reach the doorbell and Boy #2 said he would just carry his head. I told Boy #2 to go inside and change into last year's Spiderman costume. J throws a fit saying he'll stay home if they don't wear the costumes that he spent all that time on. I told him he could give out the candy instead of leaving it in a bowl on the table. I know he worked hard on these but kids are going to be kids and I wanted them to be comfortable. Plus, I didn't want to be the one dragging these heads around all night. What seems like 20 minutes have passed, our drinks have been downed, and the candy on our front porch is quickly depleting while we wait for Boy #2 to change into Spiderman. Boy #3 is crying next door because this whole time he's been trying to ring the doorbell but his costume will not allow for much mobility. I go inside to see whats holding up Spiderman. It seems that Spiderman's costume was put away inside out last time he was out fighting bad guys and he had to figure out how to fix it right-side-in. Boy #1 and friend, come back after hitting all the available houses on our street and wants to know if he can change into his skeleton pull-over from last year since Boy #2 changed into Spiderman. Fine. Another adult beverage is made. Still waiting to actually leave and do some treating of our own. Enough time has passed or maybe it's the drink that has helped but J is now over all the costume changes and is back on board to go with us. Boy #1 and his friend head out of their own to attain maximum candy retention without being slowed down by little brothers. Angel-baby who fussed so long in her stroller waiting on Spiderman to arrive decides that she has forgotten why she was fussing in the first place. Things are starting to look up. We told Boy #2 that he had to stay together with Boy #3 to ring the doorbell for him. Schaefer Flynn is back on his leash and ready to go, the little devil. Finally we can start getting our trick-or-treating on! 

We saw plenty of friends, cool costumes and some awesome decorations. The younger boys were done after 3 streets and were ready to go home and check out their collective stashes. The 2 older boys came back to get the electric scooters so they could hit more houses. Our left out candy was all gone, the pumpkin's candle went out, and we turned off the porch lights. I told the kids that I get 10% of their candy for taking them out that night and I would collect my fee in the form of Reese Cups. I assured them I was only kidding after crying ensued shortly after that but that didn't stop me from making a mental note of who had the most so I could sneak some in after they were tucked far away in bed for the night. The kids were cleaned up, one was friend driven home and all were in bed by 9:15. J and I settled in for the evening with some leftover pizza, a beverage and a Indy scary movie. We may have gotten off to a rocky start but in all it was a great night. With Angel-baby only being 1 year, I see at least another 10 years or so like tonight. These are the times we will remember no matter how hectic. I would say that Halloween 2013 was a success just the way it was. 

Boy #3 helping to de-gut the pumpkin, his favorite part! 

Finished Pumpkin Products! 

MineCraft while it lasted!

Princess Tiger-Lilly and Cowgirl Momma.
The whole crew minus J, who was taking the pic.

Sneaky Pete...A.K.A. Schaefer Flynn.
Ready to go home to rest "tired feet" and check out their candy.


  1. you need to write a book! We laughed and laughed. You are one together mom, I would have been upstairs locked in the bedroom halfway through it all!

  2. And my Halloween was about the same when it comes to the chaos. Everyone looked adorable!